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August 11, 2014

The brave act.

Take a while, and think for a minute. All the important decisions you took in your life;

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Do you regret about any decisions? Do you regret of not being brave enough to take the right decision instead of the easy one?

If you are given a chance to redo all, will you be doing the same again? You may be able to retrieve the lost opportunities, build up the lost relationships, avoid dead ends, start doing what u love and are still passionate about...

Now, fast forward to 20 years ahead.

What are we doing now to not regret then?
Are we taking right and brave decisions or are we flowing with the tide avoiding hard act?

June 6, 2014

Golden Temple Entrance Plaza project

A visit to the holiest Sikh shrine in the world will not be the same again. The experience will be enriched by the much awaited entrance plaza which is about to get completed. 

The entrance plaza is a befitting solution to the urban chaos existed at the entrance which attracts over 1 lakh visitors on the week days alone.

An international design competition was called for by Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board to redesign the entrance plaza of Golden Temple in Amritsar. Entries poured in from all over the world and after much deliberation, Punjab Government selected the design by Delhi based Architectural firm, Design Associates Inc., and rightly so.

The design proposal aims to address the shortcomings of the current structure whilst creating an urban focus. The architect explains the salient features of the proposal: